(retired) Dr CATHY CAMERON

After being with Dentists of Ivanhoe for many years and helping create awesome smiles and healthy teeth, Dr Cathy Cameron has decided to retire. We wish Dr Cameron well in her retirement. She will be missed by all. No worries, the wonderful treatment that patients experienced while in her care will also be found with any of our other highly competent dentists.

Some interesting background about Dr Cameron:

  • Dr Cathy Cameron is an honours graduate from Sydney University.
  • She has worked in Sydney and London in private practice
  • Tutored at Sydney University.
  • She has worked in Melbourne CBD for over 25 years
  • Continues to be a regular guest speaker at Melbourne University for the Bachelor of Oral Health degree.
  • She and her husband live nearby and have two daughters. Her other interests include music, further education, walking and dogs.

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