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Dental Anxiety & Pain Control


At Dentists of Ivanhoe, we understand that you may have anxiety prior to a visit to the dentist. This shouldn’t be something to be self-conscious about and is a common irrational fear among adults and children. At our practice we recognise this fear, which is why we have built a reputation in providing a pleasant patient journey. During your appointment, we try our best to put you at ease in our completely non-judgemental environment. Our friendly dental team will listen to your worries and concerns, and even offer methods to reduce your anxiety or fear.

If you experience dental anxiety, it’s important that you don’t delay your visit any longer, because there’s nothing scarier than neglecting your oral health.

Managing Your Dental Anxiety and Pain Control

Whether it’s a fear of pain, loss of control or a chequered dental history that’s causing you to postpone visiting the dentist, we can help you overcome your dental fear. Our two safe techniques that will help put you at ease on the dental chair include:

Achieve a Healthy and Straighter Smile

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