At Dentist of Ivanhoe Central we can offer nitrous oxide and light oral sedation to reduce your anxiety and nervousness. Call us now on (03) 9069 9810 or you can visit our clinic today at 4/8 Seddon St, Ivanhoe, VIC 3079, Australia

One of the most common fears among adults and children is going to the dentist. It causes stress and anxiety in a lot of people and results in delays in check-ups which also leads to further dental problems.

We recognize this fear and focus on creating a calm and gentle experience for you. Just remember the longer you delay your visit the worse your fear and the dental condition becomes.

Our initial examination and consultation will involve uncovering your dental problems and discuss the different solutions available for you and discuss the solution with you. We listen to your concerns and worries and can even offer methods to reduce your anxiety or fear.

Nitrous oxide is a safe and effective technique for reducing fear and anxiety in patients. It is inhaled via a small nasal mask and is often referred to as laughing gas.

Not only is it a safe method, it is also quickly eliminated from the body. You will remain awake and able to interact with the dentist.

Nitrous oxide has the added benefit of reducing the gag reflex in patients who have sensitive palates.

Before using Nitrous Oxide we recommend not eating anything 2 hours prior.

For those who are more anxious, we also offer light oral sedation which has a stronger effect than nitrous oxide. With our light oral sedation you will feel sleepy however will still have the ability to respond to the dentist.

As the side effects of light oral sedation can leave you drowsy after, we require you to have someone available to pick you up.

Please note: Minor side effects of oral sedation may include nausea or vomiting.