Every tooth has its very own nerve and blood supply commonly referred to as ‘pulp’

When these nerves get irritated and become very painful it tells us that the pulp has become infected and/or is inflamed. Root Canal Treatment (RCT) will need to be done to relieve the pain and save the tooth. This is done by removing all of the pulp inside the tooth.

We believe preserving as many, and as much of your natural teeth is very important, which is why we recommend RCT.

With successful RCT your tooth is able to be saved and remain in your mouth for many years to come.

After the removal of all the infected pulp the tooth will unfortunately become weakened. Usually the fitting of a crown is recommended and will strengthen the tooth considerably. Call us now on (03) 9069 9810 or you can visit our clinic today at 4/8 Seddon St, Ivanhoe, VIC 3079, Australia