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7 Surprising Foods That Are Responsible for Yellow Teeth Stains


Wine, coffee and tea- the most common tooth-staining foods that almost everyone knows that can cause tooth staining. But there are many more things that can stain teeth that are flying under the radar, secretly causing discoloured teeth.

Here are some of the most common, but somewhat surprising foods that can cause teeth-staining.

Tooth-Staining Foods

1. Tea and Coffee
The most commonly known culprits are tea and coffee. They both contain tannins, which cause staining on the teeth, and the darker teas and coffees can be a major factor in discoloured teeth.

2. Curries
Rich in flavour and colour, curry can leave behind tell-tale signs on your teeth due to brightly colours ingredients such as turmeric and saffron. Over time, the spices could leave a yellow-ish tint on your teeth.

3. Tomato based meals/sauces
Tomatoes are a great source of many important nutrients, but the pigment causing their deep red colour can make them a key offender for staining. Due to the high-acidity levels of tomatoes, plus their bright red colour, they can pack quite the punch on the enamel of your teeth.

4. Dark Sauces
From soy sauce, to balsamic vinegar, dark sauces can be a major factor in discoloured teeth. Whether it’s used as a condiment, or used in cooking, eating enough of it can cause discolouration on your teeth.

5. Soft Drink
While it’s commonly known that dark cola drinks can wear away at your teeth, clear sodas are equally as bad. While its lighter colour can make it seem like a better option for your teeth, it’s still high in sugars that can eat away at tooth enamel, leaving them prone to staining.

6. Red Wine
It’s perfectly fine to enjoy the occasional glass of red wine, but it’s important to remember that the dark colour of the wine makes it one of the most common causes of tooth staining.

7. Berries/Fruit Juices
Fruit is incredibly nutritious, but even munching on a handful of berries can be potentially tooth-staining. Juices now come sugar-free, but fructose is still a form of sugar, which is bad news for tooth enamel. The darker the colour of certain fruits and juices, such as blueberries, can have a staining effect similar to wine.

How To Prevent Tooth Staining

– If you have discoloured teeth because you eat or drink a specific thing a lot, you could try looking for an alternative, for example, substituting black tea for a lighter herbal tea, or flavoured water.

– Rinse your mouth, or brush your teeth after eating or drinking.

– Use a straw when drinking soft drinks or juices to help it bypass most of your teeth.

– Chewing gum with Xylitol can help to stimulate more saliva, which cleanses your mouth.

– Brush your teeth twice a day.

– Eat plenty of crunchy fruit and veg, including apples, carrots and celery, as they boost saliva and scrub your teeth, acting as natural stain removers.

Treatment Options

In addition to practising good dental hygiene and being mindful about your diet choices, professional dental care is a wonderful way of keeping your smile bright, and it is recommended that you see the dentist at least twice a year.

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