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Toothache Ivanhoe

If you experience a toothache, it is important to book an appointment with our dentists because this is an indication that something is not right.

After a consultation with our dentists, they will determine the reason for your toothache and the treatment you may require. This may range from a simple filling to a more complex root canal.

Mild Sporadic Pain

If the pain you are experiencing is mild and sporadic the cause of your pain may be due to tooth decay, sensitive roots from receded gums or a small crack in a tooth.

Moderate Pain

If you feel moderate tooth pain, whether it’s constant or when you are eating hot or cold foods, the reasons for this pain may be; abrasions on your teeth caused by brushing too hard, severe tooth decay, deep cracks or even broken fillings.

Severe Pain

If you’re suffering from severe pain, this is considered a dental emergency and it is important to book an appointment with us as soon as possible. If your pain is interrupting your daily life and causing restless nights, give us a call today and we’ll fit you in as soon as we can.

Reasons your pain is so intense may include dying nerves, decay reaching your nerves, large cavities or chronic gum disease.

Toothache Ivanhoe

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