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Missing Teeth



You might experience premature loss of adult teeth as a result of tooth decay, gum disease and/or trauma. Besides causing discomfort, there is a high risk that this change in your natural teeth structure can gradually cause your other teeth to shift, resulting in more gaps and loose teeth, or even bone loss and gum recession.

Your Options to Recover Missing Teeth

If you have any missing teeth you are interested in restoring, our dentists at Dentists of Ivanhoe can discuss cosmetic and functional options with you to restore your natural-looking smile. Here at Dentists of Ivanhoe our restorative dental treatments include dental implants, bridges and partial dentures.

Tooth Loss From Decay
Lost Teeth From Accidents
Tooth Loss From Decay

If you have lost your tooth as a result of tooth decay, it is important that you book an appointment with our dentists to ensure that your other teeth are not at risk and so further complications don’t arise.

We will also need to check for gum disease and depending on the results, we will discuss taking further action to reduce your risk of further decay.

Lost Teeth From Accidents

If you have lost your tooth in an accident, we will need to ensure that there aren’t any root fragments left behind so that your gums do not get infected.



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At Dentists of Ivanhoe, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible care and we take great pride in helping our patients achieve the beautiful, radiant smiles they've always wanted.



To arrange a consultation with our dentists in Ivanhoe, or for any enquiries, please call our clinic today.