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Acids In Drinks – The Damage To Your Teeth!

The issues with sugar content in soft drinks, juices and cordials are well documented.

Fruit juice is seemingly healthy but are you aware of the acid content and the damage that can occur to your teeth?

Examples of acidic foods and drinks are non fruit-based carbonated drinks such as cola are the most acidic (with diet versions doing slightly better), followed by fruit-based fizzy drinks, fruit juice and then coffee.

Sparkling mineral water and soda water are of course a good sugar free tasty option, but there is still the little known hidden danger of acid wear.

Acidic foods and drinks soften the enamel layer on our teeth and over time can cause thinning which can make our teeth sensitive, weak and prone to decay.

You may think “OK, what’s the problem with soda water?” Many households own a SodaStream, a 1980’s favourite that has made a retro comeback.

Of course, we know the syrups are sugary, but the hidden danger is the bubbles. “Bubbles?” you say, “Bubbles of nothing?” Actually, carbonated water is made of carbonic acid…Uh oh!

The reason it is acidic is that it contains carbonic acid, H2CO3, formed when carbon dioxide is dissolved in the water. The CO2 are the bubbles that come out when you open the soda can or bottle.

But we don’t want you to dehydrate. So how do you consume these drinks safely? Just be careful with how often you drink these. It’s easy, just monitor your frequency.

Aim for a drink with your meals. Ideally three drinks/meals per day, then that only equals one acid attack at a time.

The risk is mainly when you sip fizzy drinks throughout the day which can add up to perhaps 10-20 acid attacks without you realising.

This does not give the enamel on your teeth time to remineralise and recover between drinks, so gradually the tooth weakens. Remember

• the fizz in drinks is carbonic acid • acid weakens the teeth. • limit the frequency of these drinks • plain water is best!

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