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Adult loose tooth? Act Quickly

Although loose teeth are a part of growing up, noticing a loose tooth as an adult can be a cause for concern. In this guide, Dr Shehan Warusevitane and his team at Dentists of Ivanhoe discuss the causes of loose teeth as an adult, when you should worry, and why acting quickly is always your best option.

Symptoms of a Loose Tooth

Should you be worried about finding a loose tooth as an adult?

Teeth may become loose when they lose the necessary support structure and tissues needed to remain secure in your gums. When this happens, over time, teeth can become detached from the bone and gums, resulting in a loose tooth that can make chewing difficult and cause other complications.

Associated Symptoms with a Loose Tooth May Include:

  • Red or irritated gums Swollen or inflamed gums Gum recession Pain

Some of these symptoms can be indicative of an underlying health condition, and should always be discussed with your dentist.

Causes of Adult Loose Teeth

As an adult, your gums, jaw, teeth and oral cavity are fully developed. A tooth won’t come loose without an underlying cause.

Common Causes of a Loose Tooth Include:

  • Physical trauma or impact (such as an accident) Receding gum lines due to aggressive brushing Gum disease (periodontal disease) An infection Tartar build-up underneath the gum line Teeth grinding Injury

What to do If you Have a Loose Tooth

At the first sign of a loose tooth (often discovered when eating or brushing), acting fast can help you save the tooth and quickly address any underlying causes to prevent further teeth from experiencing the same fate.

The specific treatment best suited to help you save your tooth will be dependent on the reason it is loose, as well as your medical history.

  • Antibiotics: used to treat any underlying infections that are causing gum inflammation and deterioration. Professional cleaning: To remove hardened plaque and tartar that may have accumulated under teeth and gums. Also referred to as ‘scaling’.
  • Flap Surgery: Necessary in some cases, this surgery involves pulling back the gum line to perform root planing and scaling underneath the gum line.
  • Splinting: Bonds the tooth with a splint to neighbouring teeth to provide the loose tooth with additional support.
  • Mouth Guard: To reduce the impact of grinding and to eliminate unnecessary pressure on the tooth while it heals.

Time is Not on Your Side – Let us Help Before it’s Too Late

If you have recently noticed a loose tooth, don’t wait – get the help you need and let us do everything we can to save your tooth. Many underlying causes will only get worse if left untreated, but Dentists of Ivanhoe can help.

Our caring, compassionate and family-friendly team of highly experienced dental professionals are dedicated to making sure you get the best care possible. Call our practice as soon as you notice any loose teeth, and we’ll book you in at the next available appointment.