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Australian National Dental Health Week Being Promoted at Ivanhoe’s Local Dental Practice

The Australian Dental Association is once again running their major nationwide promotion in 2019. The Australian National Dental Health Week will take place between Monday 5th August and Sunday 11th August. The main aim of the event is to educate Australians about the importance of maintaining good oral health in every aspect of their lives. Contained within that aim are three main objectives,

  • Promote oral health education and awareness in the general community.
  • Motivate and educate dental professionals to promote oral health.
  • Encourage ongoing collaboration within the dental professionals.

The Ivanhoe-based dental clinic – Dentists of Ivanhoe – has been a long time enthusiastic supporter of the event, and this year will be no different. They will be actively promoting the event to all of their patients. In addition, they will be running special promotions for two of their most popular treatments, Invisalign and Zoom! Teeth Whitening.

“What we have found in recent years is that people are living ever busier lives, and as a consequence, sacrifices have to be made,” said Dr Sehan Warusevitane of Dentists of Ivanhoe Central. “Sometimes this might mean putting off or cancelling that regular checkup appointment at the dentist, and before they know what has happened, they haven’t visited the dentist in over a year. Australian National Dental Health Week is a huge event in the dental calendar, and provides Australian dentists with the opportunity to reconnect with all of their patients, in a structured and coordinated manner. We wanted to do everything possible to maximize the impact of the event in 2019, which is why we decided to offer some special promotions on two of our most popular treatments. Patients can not only benefit from significant savings but can also get back into the habit of visiting their local dentist regularly. We are quietly confident that Australian National Dental Health Week 2019 will be the most successful year ever.”

Dentists of Ivanhoe Central, is a locally owned and operated family and cosmetic dental practice based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne VIC, located near the Ivanhoe Railway Station. The clinic embraces modern dental technology with the latest techniques to help achieve a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums for their patients. They offer a comprehensive range of services, and after-hours appointments for convenience. The dental clinic was established in 1995. As their reputation grew, four dentists and three oral health therapists joined the team.