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Bon Voyage Flav!

Bon Voyage Flav !

We are at once happy and sad to announce that as of 18th April 2017 Dr Flaviana Benedetti will no longer be practicing with us at Dentists of Ivanhoe Central as she transitions into retirement.

Dr Benedetti, more affectionately known as Flav, has been a familiar face at the clinic for over 20 years and will be missed dearly by many.

Over her many years of practice, patients have trusted Flav with their own dental care and that of their family over multiple generations. She has provided unwavering support and mentoring for many staff members and colleagues in both the workplace and beyond. Flav has inspired many to further their studies and skills with her passion and love for dentistry, and made many friends along the way.

As many of you are aware, Dr Shehan Warusevitane took over the practice nearly 2 years ago and worked alongside Flav during that time. Flav has absolute confidence that Dr Shehan and his team will continue to provide the same level of care to her beloved patients and their families.

Our best wishes to Flav going forward; Flav will still be a local to Ivanhoe and we look forward to her popping in and hearing her many travel stories!