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Can Teeth Whitening Damage Teeth?

Can Teeth Whitening Damage Teeth?

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular types of cosmetic dental work. It is highly recommended for adults, and older adolescents. If your teeth have become stained, dull, or discoloured, you may be thinking about this procedure. When you know what to expect, you’ll be happy with the results. When your teeth are white and bright, you will look younger, healthier, and more attractive. There are no disadvantages to teeth whitening when performed under the supervision of a dentist, however, there are some points to consider.

There are many bleaching products you can buy from the grocery stores to whiten your teeth at home, and there are reasons why you’d want to choose whitening at our dental practice. Home bleaching products can be difficult to use, might not get you the desired result, and do not provide long lasting results. Some of these products can damage tooth enamel, and may cause sensitivity. Frequent use of these products may lead to permanent tooth damage.

The teeth whitening service offered at our practice is much different. We use the Phillips Zoom system for whitening, which provides for a good experience and produces beautiful results. It takes little time and is completed in one visit. You may experience sensitivity, but it will only last for a few hours. You will be proud when your friends and family see your new smile.

How Long Does it Last?

A Zoom whitening treatment will keep your teeth white for a longer period of time. Depending on a number of lifestyle factors, your teeth can stay white for months. With proper home oral care, avoiding tobacco and foods that can stain your teeth, and using the oral care products we recommend, you can maintain your bright new smile. With the confidence you gain from looking your best, you will be glad you made this decision.

You will be comfortable as soon as you come into our practice. You will leave with a healthy smile and self confidence. Whether you have decided you want your teeth whitened, or want more information, we can answer your questions and make an appointment for you. At Dentists of Ivanhoe Central, you will be welcomed by Dr Shehan and his staff. Your first visit with us is your first step to a nicer smile, so do not hesitate to call us today.