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Gum disease (gingivitis) is typically present due to a plaque build-up on your teeth causing inflammation of the gums. Without proper brushing & flossing and regular dental scaling & cleaning this plaque calcifies, which irritate the gums further and cause long term, persistent inflammation.

While gum disease does vary in severity, early symptoms include bad breath, tender gums or bleeding gums.

The most common cause of gum disease is poor oral hygiene. Other risk factors of gum disease are: smoking, crooked or crowded teeth, breathing through your mouth, food and drinks high in sugar and some medications.

Gum disease is usually pain-free a bit like high cholesterol and blood pressure. However, if left untreated it can lead to Periodontitis (a severe form of gum disease), which results in bone loss and can lead to pain and eventually loss of teeth.

Make a booking with our dental hygienist, they will assess the severity of your gum disease and perform a deep clean as necessary.

After your appointment they will also teach you correct oral hygiene methods to prevent your gum disease from recurring.