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Dr. Cathy Shares Tips On How to Preserve Your Teeth[ video ]


– Hi, I’m Cathy. Just want to share with you a useful tip for helping preserve your teeth. So, we see not so much decay these days, it’s a decrease. But we got a lot more broken teeth. So, what causes broken teeth?

It can be eating hard, pork cracklings a good one. But also from clenching. So, useful tips for clenching… Did you know that your teeth aren’t meant to touch through the day? So normally, at rest, your lips should be together and there should be a little bit of space between your teeth. So if your teeth are touching, you’re actually clenching and that will weaken the teeth. Could exert huge forces with these, muscles here.

So, the times that you might be clenching is three times mostly. Maybe when you’re stressed, like running late in traffic or when you’re concentrating. Say, sitting at the computer, shoulders come up and you find you’re clenching. They often say people put a pencil between your teeth to stop that one and the other one is exercise. So say you’re at the gym, lifting heavy weights or painting. Those sorts of things. Can be exercise, stress, and concentration.

I usually say to people, check everyday for a couple of days, just on the hour 8,9, 10 o’clock, ‘are my teeth touching?’ If you find your teeth are touching, relax these muscles and your neck and shoulder muscles as well.

Signs that you might be clenching is sometimes sensitive teeth. People just generally, they’re really sensitive. If you’re clenching, that can cause that. Or short sharp pain when you’re biting hard foods. So it’s worth checking those things. Sometimes, checking that through the day can stop you clenching at night as well.

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