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How do I know if my teeth and gums are healthy? [ video ]

Hi, it’s Dr. Shehan here, from Dentists of Ivanhoe Central. One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that if I don’t feel any pain from my teeth and gums, that they’re healthy.

Sounds logical, right? But the reality is that there could be a number of things that’s going on in your mouth, like tooth decay or cracked teeth or gum disease or even oral cancer that you could be completely unaware of.

I tell people, having dental problems is a little bit like having high blood pressure or having high cholesterol, where you don’t actually feel any different until it becomes more of a serious issue.

Now, in the mouth, what can happen if you leave these things as they are, is it’ll present like a toothache or an infection or even a broken tooth, if you don’t act on it early on.

If you decide to do something about it after the disease has gone through, often the treatment’s gonna be quite a bit more complex and it becomes more expensive to you as well.

Now, there are some warning signs that you can pay attention to, to see if your mouth is healthy or not. If you happen to have bleeding gums, that’s a clear indication that there is some form of gum disease that’s going on in your mouth.

If you have sensitivity to hot drinks or cold drinks or even sweet things, that’s a sign you may have tooth decay or a crack in a tooth. If you have loose teeth, bad breath, or even bad taste, that’s another sign that tells you that there is something going on in your mouth.

Now, unfortunately, not having these warning signs doesn’t necessarily mean that your teeth are gonna be healthy. The only way to truly make sure, that you can be sure, that there’s nothing going on in your mouth, is to have a thorough examination with appropriate X-rays so we can be clear and we can make sure that there’s nothing going on in your mouth.

Nothing is left for chance and we can keep your mouth beautiful and healthy.

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