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How Long Do Veneers Last?

Porcelain veneers can last around 10 years, and composite resin veneers generally last 2-5 years. However, a number of factors will determine how long your dental veneers will last.

One factor is proper care of your veneers. It is neither difficult nor time consuming, but you do need to be conscientious. It includes proper home oral care, avoiding products and habits that can damage veneers, and regular visits with your dentist.

Healthy Teeth

Oral health issues that affect natural teeth can also affect veneers. Proper care will reduce your risk of gum disease and cavities. If you do not develop these issues, your dental veneers can stay in good condition for a longer period of time.

Dental Trauma – Chips and Breaks

A second factor is damage. If any damage occurs to your dental veneers, it must be addressed immediately. A veneer that becomes loose, chipped, scratched, or broken needs to be repaired or replaced. As you want your veneers to maintain their strength and nice appearance, contact your dentist as soon as you notice a problem. A damaged porcelain veneer likely cannot be repaired, whereas composite resin veneers can be quickly fixed, depending on the amount of damage.

Although it is not likely to occur, dental veneers can fall off. If you have this experience, do not try to resolve it on your own. You cannot simply reattach a veneer and expect it to remain in place. Do not try home remedies or other over the counter products. These approaches will not work. Some may even damage your veneers and your natural teeth, too. If a veneer falls off, only your dentist can correct this problem.

Dental Technology Advancements

A third factor is new technology. As we learn of new improvements every year, you can benefit from this information. Depending on the circumstances, it may be better to replace a damaged veneer than to repair it.

If you do not experience any problems, one of our dentists will let you know when your veneers need to be replaced. Our caring team of professionals will take care of you, and you will be welcomed by our friendly office staff. Whether you are planning to obtain veneers and want advice, or have had dental veneers for many years, this is a good time to make an appointment. At Dentists of Ivanhoe Central – we want dental veneers to be a positive experience for you.