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Invisalign or Veneers for Front Teeth Alignment

There may be a number of reasons why your front teeth are wonky, as well as different types of misalignment. This issue can do more than just affect your smile. If you have trouble biting, you may not be able to enjoy a balanced, nutritious diet. If the misalignment is severe, it can make home oral care difficult. When you want good oral health and overall health, it should be corrected.

Dental Veneers – Time, Price and Appearance

Dental veneers are the most time-effective approach to correcting minor misalignment. Depending on the type of alignment required, it can be completed in one or two office visits. Invisalign clear braces and traditional braces take at least six months to achieve results. In some cases, it can take longer.

Veneers are also the least expensive option. You can discuss the details with your dentist, but both types of braces usually cost more than veneers.

If you are considering any of these options, many patients have experienced some discomfort with traditional braces.

The final appearance of your smile may be your top priority. Invisalign clear braces, traditional braces, and dental veneers can all result in attractive, healthy, straight teeth.

Will Veneers Fix Misalignment of my Teeth?

Before you make a decision, there is another point to consider. While all of these methods can correct minor misalignment of your front teeth, dental veneers will not address issues with your other teeth. If your front teeth are crowded, surrounding teeth may not be straight. The misalignment can be corrected, but other teeth may be crooked or out of place. Braces can resolve this issue, but veneers will not.

For optimum dental health and the nicest appearance, clear braces are usually the preferred option. Invisalign can correct misalignment in your front teeth, and straighten the surrounding teeth, too. You do not need to neglect the health and appearance of your other teeth, because Invisalign often offers the better solution.

Every person is unique. The best results start with a visit to your dentist. Dentists of Ivanhoe Central can do a complete examination to determine the condition of your teeth. Dr Shehan or one of our other dentists can recommend the method that is best for your particular situation. We can address your questions and concerns so you can choose the option that is right for you.