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Myth: Flossing isn’t necessary anymore [ video ]


– Hi, it’s Dr. Shehan from Dentists of Ivanhoe, and I want to talk to you about the myth that’s been floating around recently that says flossing isn’t necessary anymore.

Recently, the recommendation to floss was removed by the Dietary Guidelines of Americans based on a lack of strong evidence to support the practise. Guys, a lack of strong evidence to support flossing doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s ineffective. There are many benefits to flossing. When you floss, you remove the plaque in between your teeth which may cause tooth decay. You remove the plaque that might cause gum disease from in between your teeth, as well.

I still floss my teeth, once a day, every day because I believe when you floss your teeth, you reduce the risk of gum disease, you reduce the risk of tooth decay. That is my recommendation, that’s what I would do. Please keep flossing.

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