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Myth: It’s normal to lose your teeth as you get older [ video ]


– Hi, it’s Dr. Shehan from Dentists of Ivanhoe, and I want to talk to you about the myth that it’s normal to lose your teeth as you get older.

Look, the fact is, older people generally have more fillings and less teeth in their mouth. Now, this is because their teeth have been exposed to the oral environment for a much longer period of time. Just because you get older, your teeth don’t deteriorate.

So remember that, guys, the fundamental structure of your teeth and your gums don’t change as you get older. What does have a big impact is your diet, your lifestyle, the medications you’re on, your ability to clean your teeth, and also certain medical conditions that you may have.

So focus on controlling those factors, which will have a massive impact on maintaining your teeth and looking after them for the rest of your life. The great news is, I’m seeing more and more older people retaining their teeth, hanging onto their teeth, for a very, very long time. This is just through great awareness and education and better dental care, as well.

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