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Myth: Looking after Baby Teeth isn’t as Important [ video ]


– Hi, it’s Dr. Shehan from Dentists of Ivanhoe, and today, I wanna bust the myth that looking after your baby teeth isn’t as important.

Look, it’s true that your baby teeth will get replaced by your adult teeth by the time you’re either 12 or 13 years old, but they do play a very, very vital role in providing and acting as a guide for your permanent teeth to come through.

So if you lose your baby teeth too early, your permanent teeth come through into the wrong position, which often means you’ll have issues with crowding or issues with your bite, which means that you’re more than likely, you’re gonna need braces to try and correct them.

Now, your baby teeth can still have holes in them. You can still get infections in them, so we definitely don’t want our kids have going through needing fillings or extractions, so let’s try and look after baby teeth as much as we can. Now, statistically as well, it says that if you have holes in your baby teeth, you’re much more likely to have holes in your adult teeth.

Now, the reason for that is whatever caused the holes in the baby teeth, the lifestyle, the diet, doesn’t tend to change as they go into the adulthood. So we wanna try and instil some really good habits as young as possible for our children. Look after your baby teeth, bottom line.

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