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Orthodontics to Close Gap in Front Teeth

If you have gaps between your front teeth, you might be a little self conscious or embarrassed. You may be afraid your friends and coworkers notices this imperfection, and you avoid laughing and smiling. If you are ready to correct this issue and feel good about your smile, you have a number of options. You can choose Invisalign, traditional braces, or veneers. There are some important points to think about when you want to make a decision.

If your teeth are generally healthy, closing gaps in your teeth won’t affect the health or strength of your teeth. It’s purely a cosmetic dental choice many people make. Having gaps in your teeth is not a sign of poor dental health or other issues with your teeth.

The two methods generally used to close up spaces in your front teeth are orthodontic treatment (such as Invisalign) and dental veneers.

Treatment Time

If time is the most important issue to you, you can obtain veneers in one or two visits. Perhaps a special occasion is coming up, or perhaps you are impatient. Invisalign and traditional braces take longer to achieve results. While each person is unique, results usually take at least 6 months, and often longer.

Cost of Orthodontic Treatment

If your budget is your main priority, veneers are the most budget friendly option. Veneers cost much less than either Invisalign clear aligners or traditional braces. Depending on the size of the gap, two veneers may not be adequate. Unless the gap is small, you may require more than two.

Treatment Pain

While there is no discomfort involved with dental veneers or Invisalign clear braces, the same cannot be said for traditional braces. Teeth straightening with old fashioned braces can be extremely uncomfortable.

Convenience of Invisalign

There is no inconvenience associated with dental veneers. Invisalign aligners require very little upkeep. Traditional braces are different. As they cannot be removed when you eat, food can become stuck in the braces. Cleaning traditional braces takes more time and effort.

Final Appearance

All three options can close the gap between your front teeth. However, braces provide an additional benefit you would not have with veneers. Orthodontics slowly move your teeth into place. All of your teeth will be straight when the process is complete as well as your bite alignment and a lower chance of developing  jaw issues.

The decision is yours, of course, but the choice is not difficult. For so many reasons, Invisalign can be the option you want. Unless you need fast results, Invisalign is a wise investment. You can have healthy teeth and an attractive smile.

If you want to start the Invisalign process, schedule an appointment with Dr Shehan. At Dentists of Ivanhoe Central, we are waiting to meet you. If you have not yet decided, we will be happy to discuss your options. Without gaps in your front teeth, you can look and feel your best. A visit to our practice is your first step to a new smile.