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Sports Mouthguards – Protect Your Kid’s Teeth While Playing Sports

Participating in sports is a wonderful way for your child to build social skills, learn how to work in a team environment, and get healthy exercise. The downside is that youth sports is a high-risk activity for sports-related injuries, including those to the face, jaw, mouth and teeth.

While most parents know that pads, helmets and other protective gear are a “no brainer”, some question whether or not a mouthguard is necessary or important.

As a dentist that has treated countless kids injured in sports accidents, Dr Shehan at Dentists of Ivanhoe wants parents to know that a mouthguard is almost always a good idea.

Each year an estimated 3 million teeth are knocked loose or out as a result of kids participating in sports. According to the Australian Dental Association, dental injuries in children from sports is on the rise, accounting for more than 40% of dental injuries.

Benefits of Sports Mouth Guard Protection for Kids

All sports, even those not considered “high impact” run the risk of your child getting an accidental bump or impact to the face. While many parents think that it’s just hockey or rugby that require mouthguards, dentists commonly treat knocked out teeth from participants of martial arts, gymnastics, football, basketball and more. Any contact sport should be accompanied by the use of a mouthguard to prevent broken, chipped, or knocked-out teeth.

  • Injury Prevention: A custom-fitted mouthguard made at the dentist’s practice offers superior protection against broken teeth, chipping, breaks and partial or full knockouts.
  • Cost Savings: A single injury can result in thousands of dollars in treatment, with some damage having lasting implications that may need to be addressed for years.
  • Pain and Suffering: No one likes to see their child in pain. A sports mouthguard is an easy and affordable way to prevent serious injuries that can result in significant and lasting pain and discomfort.

Custom Fitted Sports Mouthguards

According to the Australian Dental Association, the best way to protect teeth during sports activities is to use a custom-fitted mouthguard, . A custom-fitted sports mouthguard will improve comfort, make breathing easier, and effectively absorb and distribute the force from an impact, reducing the risks of serious injury.

Should My Child Wear a Sports Mouthguard?

It is generally recommended for most children (and adults) to wear mouthguards when participating in any type of contact sport. However, those children between the ages of 8-16 tend to be at the highest risk.

Can My Child Wear a Sports Mouthguard With Braces?

Even if your child has braces, they can be fitted with a custom mouthguard that will fit comfortably.

Protect Your Child’s Teeth from Sports Injuries with a Professionally Made Sports Mouthguard

Your kid’s safety is a top priority at Dentists of Ivanhoe. Dr Shehan and his talented team have seen their fair share of dental injuries from sports participation and are eager to save your child the trauma, pain and cost of experiencing the same.

Call or message today and find out how we can quickly fit your child with a custom sports mouthguard engineered to perfectly fit their mouth.