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Tips To Keep Your Smile Bright And White

From your social life and family life to special events and your job, a healthy white smile is an important part of self esteem and confidence. Some simple tips can help you keep your teeth bright and white so you needn’t be embarrassed in those social situations.

Avoid Products That Stain Your Teeth

There are many products that can cause stains. The simplest approach is to avoid beverages and foods that are deep in colour and highly pigmented. Some examples include coffee, black tea, soft drinks, berries, red wine, and tomato sauce. Acidic products, such as citrus fruits and juices, can also stain your teeth.

Tobacco can also cause stains. When you want your teeth to look nice, do not smoke or use other tobacco products.

These products can do more than damage the surface of your teeth. As your teeth are porous, the pigment from the foods and drinks is absorbed into the tooth enamel. The dark pigments in tar and nicotine can also be absorbed into the enamel.

Make Changes in Your Diet

You can make changes to your diet to reduce your risk of getting stained teeth. Instead of black tea or coffee, drink green or herbal tea. If you want an Italian style dinner, use alfredo sauce instead of tomato sauce. Drink a refreshing glass of water or milk, instead of soft drinks or fruit juice.

When you want a snack, avoid sugary products that damage enamel and increase the risk of stains. Choose healthier options that are good for your teeth. The malic acid in an apple will increase saliva and help to wash away stains from your teeth. Cheese can protect your teeth from stains, and strengthen tooth enamel. The calcium and protein in cheese make it an ideal snack.

Practise Best Oral Care Habits at Home

For the best results, brush your teeth after every meal and snack. If you cannot brush, use a suitable mouthwash. Ask one of our dentists to recommend a good mouthwash. Last, but not least, floss your teeth at least once each day.

Good habits include more than frequency. Make sure you are using products that meet your needs. If you are unsure of a product, you can ask our dental staff for advice.

Brush and floss carefully and thoroughly. Each time you brush, devote at least two minutes to brushing. In addition, use dental floss between each tooth, and along the gum line.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

If you do not have any oral health problems that require more frequent visits, make appointments with one of our Ivanhoe dentists twice each year. Home oral care cannot replace professional cleanings. Only the instruments used in our practice can remove every trace of plaque and tartar. Your teeth will be left clean and healthy..

Consider Teeth Whitening.

Perhaps you are looking forward to a special occasion, or perhaps your teeth are not as white as they were in the past. Teeth whitening can improve your appearance. You will seem friendlier and happier with a white smile. It’s quick and can make your smile several shades brighter in a single visit.

You’ll enjoy the pleasant environment in our dental practice in Ivanhoe. Dr Shehan and the staff are looking forward to meeting you, and help you keep your smile white and bright.