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World-Class Cosmetic Treatments (press release)

For more than two decades, patients at Ivanhoe, VIC, and the surrounding areas have entrusted their cosmetic dental needs to the team at Dentists of Ivanhoe, a leading dental practice that has become the number one choice when it comes to complete smile makeover as well as minor cosmetic work. Whether their patients are looking for endodontic treatments or teeth whitening services, the office has the experience and the technology to offer world-class cosmetic dentistry for all their individual needs.

“Our dentists at Dentists of Ivanhoe serve the community of the suburbs of northern Melbourne, providing cosmetic smile makeovers, crowns & bridges, composite resin & porcelain veneers, Invisalign, and teeth whitening among other cosmetic treatments. Our highly-trained team strives to provide the same patient-focused care that underpinned Dentists of Ivanhoe’s high quality and family-friendly reputation. We incorporate modern technologies with the latest dental techniques to help you achieve a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.” Said Dr Shehan, principal dentist and owner of Dentists of Ivanhoe, regarding their cosmetic treatments.

While cosmetic dentistry is one of their signature focus areas, Dentists of Ivanhoe is famous for offering a full spectrum of dental services, ranging from general dentistry to oral surgery procedures. The office is staffed by four dentists, three oral health therapists and six support staff who have vast experience to assist their patients with all their dental needs, including pediatric dentistry, dental anxiety & pain control, wisdom teeth extraction, preventative dentistry, periodontal treatments, restorative treatments, as well as a variety of emergencies.

The dental clinic is one of the preferred choices of athletes from Ivanhoe, VIC, and surrounding areas, offering not only complete dental services but also custom-made mouthguards tailored to the specific needs of each athlete. These mouth guards are perfect for various contact sports (basketball, football, rugby, martial arts, etc.) and are excellent for protecting teeth while enhancing the sports experience, making breathing and speaking easier, significantly reducing the risk of concussion.

Patients can rest assured of being assisted by an experienced dental team who combines their experience with the latest technology to take care of all their dental needs. The office is comprised of four surgery rooms, a sterilisation room, their own laboratory, as well as two waiting rooms with a small play area for children. They boast an ample parking lot and the clinic is conveniently located on Seddon Street in a prime location of many cafes, shops, and restaurants.

About his frequent experiences at Dentists of Ivanhoe, a loyal patient says, “I’ve consistently had a very positive experience with my dentist, hygienists and reception staff at Dentists of Ivanhoe – I always get a sense of a collaborative working environment whenever I visit and they’ve done a great job with proactively managing all aspects of my dental health and staying ahead of potential issues.”