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Gaps in Your Front Teeth?

If you have gaps between your front teeth, it might make you a little self-conscious. However, having gaps between teeth is not necessarily a bad thing and doesn’t mean you have any oral health or structural issues with your bite. It’s a personal preference, perhaps influenced by the media.  While some people prefer the look of a smile without a gap, while others are quite happy with the way it is. Most of our patients who want to close up gaps in the teeth come in as a cosmetic procedure. There are a couple of options to address gappy teeth which we’ll discuss in this article:

  1. Orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is a popular example of this, as are traditional braces. Dental veneers – porcelain and composite resin.

Let’s address many of the questions that come from our patients.

How Long Will it Take?

With veneers, you can have a nice smile for any occasion, and is by far the quickest treatment. You’ll only need two-three visits and usually a couple of weeks apart! The first appointment is for digital impressions which helps determine how your teeth should look after bonding the veneers. In another session with our dentist, we put these beautiful pieces into place so that there’s no gap left between them anymore, bringing the desired look again while making sure everything fits just right. It’s a pretty quick solution if a special occasion is coming up and you want to look nice. Even though veneers can last for years, they’re not permanent. Porcelain veneers tend to last longer than composite resin veneers. Both will eventually need to be replaced.

Orthodontic treatment provides almost permanent results. The treatment time will depend on your situation, and is generally shorter for Invisalign. Expect treatment to take between 6 and 18 months depending on how much correction is needed.

How Much Will it Cost?

A couple of porcelain veneers costs much less than having orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign, but you’ll probably need multiple veneers. Depending on the amount of work, you may need up to 10 veneers for your top teeth, and up to another 10 veneers for the bottom teeth. Invisalign clear aligners cost a little more than traditional braces, but if you consider the advantages, Invisalign is well worth the investment.

Is it Uncomfortable?

With dental veneers, you can have straight teeth without long periods of discomfort. With orthodontic treatment, there is a little bit of pain as your mouth becomes accustomed to the teeth moving to their new positions for the first few days after adjustment or new aligner sets. The discomfort with orthodontics goes away after a couple of days.

If avoiding discomfort is a big priority for you, and you’re going to have orthodontic treatment, choose Invisalign over traditional metal braces, as they can be a bit more uncomfortable throughout the entire treatment period.

The End Result

A beautiful smile can be yours when you no longer have to be concerned about gaps between your front teeth. For the most natural results, Invisalign is the preferred option. Your teeth will gradually move so the gap no longer exists. The results are much better than concealing the gap with veneers. From your personal preference to the condition of your teeth, various factors should be considered. You want to look good when you have your picture taken, and you want to smile with confidence every day. When you visit Dentists of Ivanhoe, Dr Shehan and his experienced team will be ready to take care of your dental needs. We can help you decide which option suits your needs, and prepare you for a beautiful smile.